In 1961 two German immigrants Karl F. Jahn and Adam Rehmann used their skills originally acquired in Austria to open a company to design and build tooling and equipment for manufacturers throughout Canada and the United States. The company grew and eventually expanded into manufacturing under the name of Kardam Manufacturing Ltd supplying stampings and assemblies to OEM automotive customers. Karl F. Jahn sold the manufacturing division in 1998 and two of his sons Louis and Edward continued on with the company’s original products under the name of Jahn Engineering Ltd. Since then the company has grown continuously expanding capabilities in automated assembly equipment and metal stamping die technology and the addition of JE Fixture & Tooling specializing in check fixtures and inspection equipment and services.

Program Management

Jahn Engineering assigns Program Managers to ensure our customer’s needs are addressed and realized at every step in the process from the quotation stage through design and manufacturing to final approval and support well after our products are delivered.

Each project is assigned one of our Program Managers who have the necessary technical background and education to interact with the customer to ensure all deliverables are realized at each step of the process.


As an ISO 9001 Certified Company various documented systems are in place as a mechanism to ensure all customer requirements are achieved or exceeded. Our primary objective is continuously improve providing our customers with additional value that will give us a competitive advantage in our future.

Continuous improvement by means of reflection and review provides us with measurable that enable our internal processes, Quality of Tooling Produced, Comfort and Safety in our workplace to be optimized.

At Jahn Engineering, we believe that quality products that meet our Customer’s requirements are not created on the shop floor, they are created in the design, planning and tooling stages.

Commitment to allocation of human resources and necessary equipment are the key components that support Jahn Engineering’s Quality Objectives.


cmm inspection services

  • Large capacity CMM machines
  • PC DMIS software
  • Part inspections
  • Capability studies
  • Tool and/or fixture inspections
  • 3rd part certifications